TracyRaces – welcome and THANK YOU!

Hi gang,

This is my first-ever posting to my first-ever blog.  Yes, perhaps I am a bit late to the blogging scene.  I think I’ll dub my 8-tracks over to cassette next – that’s the bleeding-edge kinda guy I am.

So – what’s this site about?  In the last few years, I’ve become a runner.  I decided, with my wife’s encouragement, to take up the sport in late 2009.  In 2010, I started entering local races – and loved the vibe I felt, and the rush at the beginning of each race.  This year, I upped the ante and joined Team in Training (TNT) – an organization affiliated with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.  TNT is a huge, international movement of runners with a cause:  to raise funding for blood cancer research by participating in half- and full-marathon events.  We work as a team:  training each week, encouraging each other to improve, and (of course) raising funds.

The TNT organization is personal to me:  we lost a close family friend to blood cancer when I was a teen; and about a month ago a very close and dear friend lost his battle.  I carry my memories of them when I run.

On October 14, Ottawa TNT members will participate in two events:  the Toronto Scotiabank  Waterfront, and the Nike San Francisco.  I will run a half-marathon at the Scotiabank.

As part of my TNT participation, I committed to raising at least $3,000 for the cause, to run in Toronto.  This was no ceremonial commitment:  if I didn’t make my number, my credit card would be charged, to make up the difference.  So I got busy, soliciting donations and organizing fund-raising events.  Fortunately, because I am blessed with so many good friends and colleagues, I just hit my number last night.  Thanks so much to all of you – my sponsors will provide me with an inspirational tailwind when I run the 21.1km on October 14 in Toronto!

And after that?  I’ve decided to stay involved with TNT.  I’ll run other races in the future and will be thinking of other ways to raise funds.  I thought that a blog might be a good way to chronicle the path I weave going forward, as I work for this very worthy cause.  So stay tuned, keep in touch and thanks again for your support and encouragement!!!