Moved …

So – today was our last Sunday-morning long/slow run.  Dennis and I had it easy today, only having to do 15k as we prepare for our taper.  The rest, not so much:  the marathoners had to do 30k or 35k.

I wish I always felt as fast as this …

A couple of days ago, one of the mentors (Chandra) popped me a note and asked me to answer the following questions:

1. Why did you join Team in Training?  (My response:  To run for others who can’t.)

2. Complete this sentence:  When I run, I feel … (My response:  Free.)

So fast-forward back to this morning.  TNT set up a water station about 12k into our run, at the Pretoria Bridge.  We were all feeling pretty good/hydrated at that point (it was a cool, cloudy morning), so we all said, “We’re good” and blasted through, without taking any water.  We ran under the bridge and out the other side of the tunnel … to see chalk messages, to each and every one of us, that Chandra and her sister had written on the sidewalk, in big colourful letters.  Each message was tailored for one of us, with the responses to the two questions, and a personal “Thanks” message alongside.

Cue the tears.

Dennis and I – who hit the messages about two minutes before the others, decided to double back, give Chandra/Alisha a hug, and then read them all again.  It was just the nicest thing that someone could have done for us.  My eyes are welling up as I type this.

The rest of the morning’s run was inconsequential, by comparison.  We were blown away. Afterwards, I learned that Chandra and Alisha got up at 5am on a cool, grey Sunday to go down and do the chalk work on the sidewalk.  They got done just a few minutes before we arrived.  THANK YOU Chandra & Alisha!!!

Words to live by!



One thought on “Moved …

  1. You have a great team! People normally end with “Good Luck” but when it comes to a race I always feel that you make your luck through good training so I will always say or think to myself – “Have Fun” – so “Have Fun” (and hydrate well the days before ;-))

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