Ottawa Marathon – by the Numbers

So – I was warned.  The taper period is fraught with worry (e.g., about getting sick, injury, etc.) and because I’m not running as much, I need to fill the time with something … anything … to keep from going stir.

KCTOSo I thought I’d compile some numbers to share with you, my friends/family/supporters.  So here goes:

  • 7,000:  number of runners in the Ottawa Marathon on May 25
  • 100,000:  approximate number of people that will watch Ottawa Race Weekend (ORW) events
  • 427,000:  approximate number of drinking cups that will be used during ORW (but recycled!)
  • 25,000:  approximate number of sponges that will be handed to half- and full-marathon runners on race day
  • 42,200:  number of metres I’ll run that day
  • 230:  number of minutes I’m hoping to take, to run those 42.2km
  • 640,990:  number of metres I’ve run since January 1, to prepare for the race
  • 77,000:  approximate number of kilometres I’ve flown on business trips since Jan 1
  • 4:  number of months my wife & son have not really seen much of me since (see two data points directly above)
  • 6:  number of toenails I’ve lost – or will lose – by race day
  • 20:  number of generous people who have sponsored my upcoming marathon, to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC)
  • 100,000:  approximate number of Canadians suffering or in remission from blood cancers
  • 28:  average time, in minutes, between blood cancer diagnoses in Canada
  • $1,920:  amount of money my sponsors donated to the LLSC for this race
  • $37,000:  approximate amount of money that my coworkers at Trend Micro have raised, in the last 12 months, for the LLSC
  • Immeasurable:  the degree of gratitude I have to my family, sponsors, coaches and teammates – who have gotten me to this point!


TS at ORW - May 26 2013










2 thoughts on “Ottawa Marathon – by the Numbers

  1. You go, Tracy! I am not running this one- my first run (unless I get bold and register for another event prior) will be the Toronto Waterfront half marathon, also for LLSC via Team in Training- however, I am a finish line volunteer for Ottawa Race Weekend on the Sunday, so perhaps I will see you as you finish your race!

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