Pre-race Jitters – and a Request

Six days away from the Ottawa Marathon, and I’m encountering what was to be expected:  pre-race anxiety.  I’m worrying about getting sick (check – caught a head cold yesterday, but better now than next weekend) … dropping something on my foot (so far, so good) … infected toenails (almost – but fortunately averted); weather for race day (currently looking warm but not brutally so), etc.  I’m literally processing EVERYTHING in my world right now, in context of the race.  It’s more than a bit crazy-making.  I pity my poor family, who has to experience my race-day thinking constantly, in my not-so-inner voice.

I’m also naturally wondering if my training will get me there:  all of those frigid runs in January/February/March, the never-ending intervals on the Canal every Tuesday, and the lonely, solitary long runs (which I have to admit, I enjoyed – even when it was freezing).  The good news there is that I’m confident I can do this.  I had the good privilege to be coached by Rick Hellard and Jenna Ladd all the way.  They have served as both the encouragement (Jenna) and sage discipline (Rick) that I need, to make the 42.2km journey.

I have a pretty busy week ahead and Ottawa Race Weekend will be upon me before I even have time to think about it.  So BRING IT!  I can’t wait for my brother & his family to arrive Friday night (they are running in the 5k and 10k races on Saturday, along with my son Reid), and for our visit to the Race Expo Saturday morning, to pick up our bibs and other running swag.  Woo-hoo!

For those of you in Ottawa – I need your help.  On race day (Sunday from 7am to 11am), several of us will be wearing the distinctive Team in Training (TNT) purple jersey on the marathon course – this depicts someone who is running to raise money for blood cancer research.  Our goal is to eradicate cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkin’s Disease from our lexicon.

Here’s what you can do – which would make a huge difference to me and my TNT teammates:  if you see any of us on course, give us a big shout-out, as loudly as you possibly can.  The cheer we use in TNT is “GO TEAM!”  Trust me, it will put a glow in our hearts and a skip to our step (not to mention tears to our eye) to hear that along the way.


Finally:  one more huge thank-you to everyone who has supported me along this journey:  to my wife Bonnie and son Reid, who have supported me in this endeavour since day one; to my TNT coaches Rick and Jenna; to my TNT teammates, each of whom is an inspiration; and to my family and friends (see below) who have donated to the cause by sponsoring my marathon.  You are all incredible people.  I am honoured to know you, and privileged to run with your support.


See you on the course … and GO TEAM!!!



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