Running for the Royal!

Hi all,

It’s been a while, so I thought a quick update was in order.  The spring racing season approaches, and with it, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2018.  This weekend is by far the highlight of my running year, and I’m pleased to report that this year I will run the Ottawa Half Marathon on Sunday, May 27.








Those who know me well, know that I run to help others.  This year – for the second straight year – I am running to raise awareness and funds for the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health (aka, “the Royal”).

My son Reid and two friends Cathy and Sandy will also run for the Royal this year.

Why the Royal? In a nutshell, the Foundation provides clinical services and advocacy for those who suffer from mental illness.

We live in anxious times.  Many of us, in addition to managing life’s daily stressors, also have to deal with mental illness.  This is a heavy burden to bear, and there is a certain stigma attached to mental illness that makes it difficult for people reach out and get help.

We all know someone who is having a hard time and needs support.  Indeed, many of us struggle with anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses and disorders.  The Royal’s mandate is to help those people – and further, to provide critical advocacy services on their behalf.  I’ve met representatives of the Foundation, who are to a person very genuine and caring people.  This is a truly worthy cause, and I hope you would agree it is deserving of our collective support.

If you are willing to lend your support by sponsoring my half-marathon, please click here to make a donation.  Literally any amount is gratefully appreciated – with my heart-felt thanks.

Feel free to scroll down to see some of the great work that the Royal is doing!