About Me

My name is Tracy Shouldice, and as you might gather from the name of this blog, I’m an runner.  I like to run for a cause:  since 2012, I estimate that between me and running teammates that I’ve worked with, we’ve raised over $120,000 for people who need a little help.

I hope you enjoy the posts I’ve placed here – maybe they will inspire you to channel your passion, into something bigger.



TS at ORW - May 26 2013


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Tracy,

    What an inspiring blog you have here!

    I am a distant cousin of Bonnie and would like to contact her regarding her family history. This is a huge opportunity for us to connect as I been working on our genealogy for over 20 years!

  2. Hi, Tracy! Is there anyway you can set my messages to you as private? As I was so excited to contact you, I sent you my personal information, without thinking about it. I appreciate it and hope you and Bonnie are doing well!

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